Book #1 – The Assignment



Book #1 – The Assignment

Anna had a long list of things she wanted to do during the summer between second and third grade. Those plans didn’t include doing homework. “I’m going to write about this in my newspaper, Students for a Better School, Anna threatened her teacher, Mr. Henderson. But, after learning about the Assignment, the seven – almost eight-year-old – had a change of heart.

The Assignment introduces the reader to all seven of Anna’s friends. Anna is a delightful and energetic child, who is always thinking ahead for projects she can do to include her friends.

You will meet Anna the facilitator, Maria the giver, Hiro the exhorter, Daniel the prophet, Sarah the teacher, Cayden the mercy giver, and Jesse the server and learn about the motivational gifts based on how they each interact with each other.

This 200-page+ chapter book has some great illustrations and is filled with conflict and emotion and how children deal with growing relationships.

Table of contents for, The Assignment 

1 Mr. Henderson’s Dilemma
2 The Assignment
3 Chores Before Pleasure – Facilitator
4 Cayden Comforts Anna – Mercy
5 Daniel Thinks Life Isn’t Fair – Prophecy
6 Maria Surprises Anna – Giving
7 Jesse and Anna go to Oklahoma – Serving
8 Hiro Chases Away Anna’s Bug – Exhorting
9 Sarah Volunteers at the Library – Teaching