Book # 2 – Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter



Book #2 – Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter $10.95 + shipping

Book #2 in the Anna’s Friends Series focuses on the gift of facilitation – Anna’s gift. Children will read over 150 pages and enjoy black and white illustrations in each chapter. 

After being sent home on the first day of school by the school nurse because of a fall that caused a concussion, Anna thought Mr. Henderson would pick someone else’s project.

But when she returned she had a big surprise in store. Anna’s project is chosen by her teacher because it engages each student in his 3rd grade class. We see how Anna functions in her gift of facilitation.

Join Anna as she organizes an animal beauty contest to raise money to save the local animal shelter. She lets all of her friends help by giving them jobs to do based on their gifts that Mr. Henderson helps them discover. 

Children will learn the character traits of the gift of facilitation / leadership.

Table of Contents for, Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter

1 Finally Third Grade
2 Anna Misses the Ice-Breaker
3 Mr. H. Chooses Anna’s Project
4 Conflict at Home
5 Being a Leader is Hard
6 Dissension in Drama Class
7 A Visit to the Animal Shelter
8 The Missing Piece
9 The Big Day