Book # 3 – The Hayride



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Book #3, The Hayride, focuses on the motivational gift of giving, Maria’s gift. On the way to Sunday School Maria sees a little girl playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. She notices that she only has on flip flops and is not wearing a coat and it’s really cold outside.

The lesson that morning is about giving to the “least of these”. Maria wants to know what that means so questions her Sunday School teacher. Her own gift of giving kicks in full speed ahead. She learns the meaning in an unusual way.

Maria is a very likable girl in this fun filled book that takes us on a series of scenario’s. From confronting a bully to entering the pumpkin contest at the Fall Festival and meeting Joshua and Sophie, you will see a tug on Maria’s heart strings that ignite her gift of giving.

Maria does not like to see others cheat or do things wrong. See how she deals with these matters in, The Hayride.

This 160-page+ chapter book has some great illustrations and helps children understand those who are not like them. It’s a story that stirs the heart.

Table of Contents for, The Hayride

1 The Final Count
2 Maria Sees a Stranger in Need
3 Eggs Make Good Shampoo
4 Someone’s Sitting in My Seat
5 Maria Gets Mad at Anna
6 The Girl Without a Coat
7 Applesauce
8 A Million Pumpkins
9 The Hayride
10 Maria Invites a Friend for Thanksgiving