Book #8 – Daniel Moves Away



Book #8 – Daniel Moves Away $10.95 + shipping
Daniel Moves Away is the last book in the Anna’s Friends series of 8 books for the 3rd grade level, or age 8-10. This is a pre-coming of age story showing Anna experiencing some new emotions while her friend Daniel has been away for a few months in Florida with his father.
His motivational gift of prophecy brings out the best and worst in Daniel as he learns to adjust to his new surroundings, new friends, and new experiences. Does he forget his BFF neighbor friend or is he anxious to get back  home to begin 4th grade with Anna and her friends? 
This 150-page+ chapter book has some great illustrations and is filled with conflict and emotion and how children deal with moving to a new city. It’s a story that will pull on your heart strings.
Table of Contents for, Daniel Moves Away
1 A New School
2 Another Summer Assignment
3 Daniel’s Broken Promise
4 Pizza Night
5 Wrong Number, Again!
6 A Day at the Beach
7 Four More Weeks 
8 Ho Hum, Summer Bum
9 The Marble Contest
10 Daniel Comes Home
11 Friends and Fireflies

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