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Hello! We are so excited about the Anna’s Friends books series! Miss Yvonne, she’s the creator and author of Anna’s Friends, wrote some terrific books about each one of my friends.

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Hello! We are so excited about the Anna’s Friends books series! Miss Yvonne, she’s the creator and author of Anna’s Friends, wrote some terrific books about each one of my friends. Here’s a list of them:

Book # 1 The Assignment introduces all seven of us! We are on summer vacation before the third grade. It’s a very active summer.

Our teacher, Mr. Henderson gave us an assignment to learn about our motivational gifts. Moms love this book and so do kids. They are eager to learn which of the seven gifts they have.

Book # 2 Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter is about me, Anna, and my motivational gift of facilitation.

That means I am a leader. Mr. Henderson chose my project because all seven of us get to use our gifts to do a beauty contest for dogs and cats to raise money for the local shelter. 

The reader will interact with Anna, Hiro, Maria, Jesse, Sarah, Daniel, and Cayden. Your child see how they interact with one another based on their gifts, and how children can accomplish a lot when they work together.

Book # 3 The Hayride is a heart expanding story about how Maria uses her gift of giving to befriend the new kid at her school. On the way to Sunday school, Maria sees a little girl playing hopscotch on the sidewalk.

She notices that she only has on flip flops and is not wearing a coat, and it’s really cold outside. The lesson that morning is about giving to the “least of these” and Maria wants to know what that means, so she asks her Sunday school teacher.

Her own gift of giving kicks in full speed ahead and Maria learns the meaning in an unusual way.

Book # 4 Hiro Plays Tiny Timwe will follow Hiro through his journey of practicing for his role as Tiny Tim in a Christmas play and how he overcomes the adversity of such an important role with his wit and humor. Hiro is an exhorter – encourager.

One of the humorous traits of this child is teasing his friends with rubber critters. Hiro had a rubber spider in his pocket just waiting for the right time and the right person to tease with it and causes a real commotion on the playground.

Book # 5 Sarah Learns a Lesson is a delightful story about how Sarah uses her motivational gift of teaching by creating a three-week book-a-thon for her class.

Sarah’s dedication to reading touches the heart of a well known children’s book author and inspires the local book store owner,Mrs. Tumbleweed, to create a kid’s section. She creates a fun surprise for Sarah to honor her dedication to books.

Book # 6 Jesse Can’t Say No is about Jesse and his gift of serving. Jesse Delaney is moving to the country. Everything in his life is turning upside down, but, it’s a good upside down! Irma the cow has a new baby named Buster. Queenie the goose drops her first two eggs, and his favorite, Mimi and Dodi, the goats are about to be goat parents.

Not only are babies being born on the farm, Jesse’s mom is also going to give him a brother and sister and he helped name then; Lillie Mae and Logan. It is a fun and engaging book about how Jesse adjusts to farm life and all the animals. 

Book # 7 Cayden and Mrs. Jules is a heart-warming story about Cayden who has the gift of mercy. She is the only one of Anna’s Friends who can unlock a half-century secret that Mrs. Jules has been hiding. 

Cayden had skated by Mrs. Jules house for almost a year but had no idea who the little Indian lady was, until one day, she fell and skinned her knees in front of her house.

Cobwebs and a spider named Spike, a spooky room with a light on, a grumpy lady who never wore shoes, and a creaky rocking chair, made Cayden want to know more about her neighbor.

Book # 8 Daniel Moves Away is about Daniel and is gift of prophecy.

This is a light-hearted story about how Daniel is often misunderstood by Anna and her friends. He and his younger brother move to Florida to live with his father for the rest of the school year until their mother is finished with her chemo treatments. 

Anna has been Daniel’s next door neighbor as long as they have been alive. She doesn’t know what to do without her friend. When he moves back home during the summer just before 4th grade starts, Anna notices how much her friend has changed. Conflicts arise and Daniel really, really makes Anna mad!

All of the Anna’s Friends books are about 150 pages (10 – 11 chapters) and have fun illustrations. Click on the drop down menu and find the book you want to learn more about. You’ll get to read the table of contents and an excerpt from each book.


 Anna’s Friends Children’s Book Series