Curriculum K-2nd Grade



Anna’s Friends Curriculum K through 2nd Grade

This 60+ page workbook is a step by step 5-day curriculum that covers 4 themes: I am Unique, I Have Gifts, I Do This, I Can Love.

The purpose of the K-2nd graders’ God-given motivational gifts curriculum is to help children at an early age understand who God made them to be.

Teachers will be guided with an Introduction to the specific day’s THEME; verbiage to plan and conduct each LESSON; and 17 Flash Cards where appropriate in each of the ACTIVITIES.

Parent’s will receive a results card after the curriculum has been completed so they will understand what their child’s motivational gift is. The results card will offer them additional resources about their child’s gift(s).

The GOALS of this curriculum are to:


• Instill a positive self-esteem in your students.
• Discover each child’s predominate motivational gift.
• Help each child understand their unique character traits given by God.
• Help children understand why they are different from their friends.
• Give students a platform to continue learning about their gifts.
• Instill a sense of value for their peers and other humans.


• Help educators understand why the children respond to others as they do.
• Empower educators to better guide their student’s in learning styles suited to their gift.
• Create a more harmonious classroom atmosphere.

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