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Anna’s Friends Go to Preschool Packet – $ave

For the Child 4 – 6 years.  Anna’s Friends Go to Preschool is the forerunner to the Anna’s Friends series for second through fourth graders. This 8.5 x 8.5, 90 + page full-color book has four delightful stories for children at the preschool age:

1) Anna Can be Bossy
2) A Butterfly Goes to Preschool
3) New Friends and Lizards
4) A Good Fun Bible Lesson

Each story is illustrated in full color. At the end of the book, there are seven pages, 1 each, written from the perspective of each of Anna’s Friends telling your child why they do the things they do as a result of their God given gifts based on Romans 12:6-8. 

There are dialogue boxes at the bottom of each page telling parents how the dialogue and actions between the children express their God-given motivational gift.

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child

Parents and guardians will learn why their children respond to life the way they do. You will learn why they get along with some children really well and others not so well, why some barely speak 10 sentences in a day and others are boisterous or flamboyant. There are worksheets included for you to make notes and plan activities for your child’s development! Each chapter (three through nine) will contain seven sections to help you understand the following information:

  • The purpose and description of their gift
  • Getting to know a Bible character with their gift
  • Recognizing and Identifying Character traits of Your Child’s Gift
  • Challenges that the child can work on to overcome
  • Family Engagement to develop their gift
  • A famous person with their gift
  • Meeting Anna’s Friend with their gift

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